Adivahs Event is a bespoke decor company established in the early 2013, by Linda Osho Jabaru, a woman with a fierce passion for everything that revolves and consists in an excellent party. Specialising in unique and bespoke events, Adivahs has managed in a limited period of time to develop a solid reputation in the wedding industry in the UK. Moreover, it has managed to spread and become a reputable name in more than just the wedding industry, but all events-based industries in the UK. Adivahs also specialises in events like Engagement parties, Birthday parties, Baby shower, Anniversaries, Special occasions, Company (Dinners, Events, End of year parties), School graduation and any other celebratory occasions.

Adivahs was built on the strong belief that every event, no matter how small, can become one of the best luxury parties, if it only has the best bespoke company to hire. Our portfolio highlights the range of work we have undertaken so far, and it equally proves that although we might’ve started small, we have learned and grew to become a company which provides not only a decoration and venue styling, but it offers our clients a magical and special moment which they can share and enjoy for a lifetime, always treasuring it.

At Adivahs we have a passionate and driven team of people which endeavours with each event such as baby shower, engagement party or wedding to create a special time, which everyone can enjoy. Having had a wealth of experience in the industry, Linda Osho Jabaru has access to some of the most prestigious venues across the UK and guarantees the most elegant wedding decor and specialoccasion designs, that will leave your guests amazed. Likewise, we ensure to spend a long time with our clients, ensuring that the grand finale will be the one which will go beyond their expectations and be part of their dreams. We focus on achieving high-quality in everything we do, from understanding and visualising what the client wants, to putting across every single little detail which constructs a greater image and forms fabulous ideas, themes and designs.

During our time in the industry we have learned and assimilated every element that can create elegant baby showers, engagements, anniversaries and events, and through our projects we have always been happy to supply furniture hire for weddings, parties, private dinners and conferences, along with venue styling, wedding décor. Our items are perfect for any thematic event, from weddings to private lunches or workshops, as they are curated within more than one aesthetic, that is simple and classic, but can make it easy to mix and match various elements – chairs, tables, sofas, crockery and other accessories – creating luxury at every pace and offering an effortless look.

Take a look at our fine detailed decoration and let us know which you think are the most suitable and attractive for your event. If you require help in choosing or assorting some of the elements together, one of Adivahs’ team members is always happy to offer advice on pieces you would like to use for your party.